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  • Mapping of the Vatika Bay seafloor has been conducted in two different periods: in June 2010 and May 2015.The shallow, northern part of the Bay has been mapped in 2010 during the research project "PAVLOPETRI" by means of swath bathymetry (RESON SeaBat 7125 200/400 kHz), side scan sonar (Geoacoustics 100/400 kHz) and pinger (3.5 kHz) subbottom profiler. The deeper seafloor of the Bay has been surveyed in 2015 by means of side scan sonar and chirp subbottom profiling for the purposes of the research project "Environmental Study of Vatika Bay", funded by the Prefecture of Peloponnese. The research vessel "ALKYON" has been used in both cruises. The description of the nature of the seafloor and the habitat mapping has been based mostly on the interpretation of the acoustic-geophysical data and Sentinel-2 satellite imagery, as well as secondarily on the limited sampling performed in the area.

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