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  • 90th percentile Kinetic Energy due to currents at the seabed in the Atlantic Sea in N m2/s - Created for the EMODnet Seabed Habitats broad-scale habitat map (EUSeaMap 2016). North Sea and Celtic Seas (year 2001): a composite created by ABPmer of NOC POLCOMS CS20 (1.8km resolution); NOC POLCOMS CS3 (10km (2007) and NOC POLCOMS North East Atlantic.

  • Confidence in kinetic energy due to currents at the seabed in the Atlantic. Values are on a range from 1 (Low confidence) to 3 (High confidence). The confidence assessment considered factors such as: • Quality of training data and methods used to construct the model. • Temporal resolution. • Spatial resolution Detailed information on the confidence assessment in Populus J. et al 2017. EUSeaMap, a European broad-scale seabed habitat map. Ifremer.