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    BG0000146 Habitat type 1170 rocky reefs and EUNIS infra- and circalittoral habitats mapcreated by IBER-BAS within the Balkanmed-RECONNECTproject (2017-2020). EUNIS-2019 level 3 and 4 classification scheme was applied.

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    Soft bottom sandy 1110 habitats within the BB0000146 'Gradina-Zlatna ribka' SCI area. Mapped and created by IBER-BAS within the BalkanMed RECONNECT project ( 2017-2020)

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    Zostera spp. seagrass beds within the BG0000146 SCI area 'Gradina-Zlatna Ribka' , mapped during the Balkanmed- RECONNECT project by IBER-BAS (2017-2020). Acoustic data and satellite images were groundtruthed by georeferenced scuba diving studies and sampling.