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  • Intertidal Phase 1 survey data: Biotope maps, survey reports, site data & scientific assessment packages for site notification

  • The survey of the marine environment around the Llyn peninsula was undertaken as part of the BioMar Project which is funded by the European Community through the LIFE Programme. The area of the Llyn peninsula between South Sands at the southern mouth of the Menai Strait, southwards to Trwyn Porth-Dinllaen was surveyed between 31st May and 3rd June 1995. Acoustic techniques were used along with biological data collected using a towed video recorder and by scuba diving. A map of the predicted biotope distribution based on the acoustic characteristics of the seabed was prepared for the survey area.

  • This is the final report on sublittoral mapping of Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire and south Cardigan Bay which formed part of the Broadscale Mapping Project: a project funded by the Crown Estate, the Countryside Council for Wales, English Nature, Scottish Natural Heritage and the Newcastle University (SeaMap). It is supported by the European Commission under the Life programme. The survey of the Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire and south Cardigan Bay has contributed to the development of a methodology for broad scale survey and mapping of large areas of sea floor using acoustic remote sensing techniques. The methodology relies on the relatively inexpensive acoustic ground discrimination system (AGDS) based on a single beam echo sounder. Image processing requires ground truth samples of the biota and habitats from the sea floor and the sampling techniques range from the traditional grab, trawl and dredge to the deployment of remote video.

  • This dataset shows the predicted distribution of major lifeforms for the Small Islands, West Wales