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    Stomach Data Web Services provide the ability to search and retrieve data from Stomach Data website by providing access to the data. The web service returns the data table of the stomach dataset. The fields of the table are: File Name, Latitude, Longitude, Estimated Lat/Lon, Date/Time, year, Quarter, Month, Day, Time, Sample Number, ICES StomachID, Depth, Temperature, Country, Ship, ICES Rectangle, Sampling Method, Predator, Predator NODC Code, Predator (mean) Lengh, Predator (mean) Weight, Predator (mean) Age, Predator Lower Length Bound, Predator Upper Length Bound, CPUE, Number Stomachs With Food, Number Stomachs Regurgitated, Number Stomachs With Skeletal Remains, Number Stomachs Empty, Number Stomachs, Digestion Stage, Prey Species Name, Prey Weight, Prey Lower Length Bound, Prey Upper Length Bound, Prey Number, ICES Internal ID. For a better explanation of the table please check the Stomach data document (