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    The ICES ecosystem advice is based on assessment results that are presented in stock assessment standard graphs and data tables. Data and plots are available in ICES Stock Assessment Database. The ICES Stock Assessment Database data are available for the analytically assessed ICES stocks from 2014 onwards. Plots and data from previous assessments will be made available when the data and settings have been quality controlled. This API of the webservice returns the url to the actual version of Fish mortality graph given a key. The service takes as input the key of the assessment An example would be 1802 for the Hake in Division VIIIc and IXa (Southern stock) (hke-soth) in the assessment year of 2013. If there are no matches, an empty result set will be returned. The service returns a link for the graph specified (image).

  • ICES fish stock assessment results are presented online as stock assessment standard graphs and tables can be managed directly online by the stock coordinators. Verified and published datasets are available for view and download for the wide public.