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    Daytime acoustic data (nautical area scattering coefficients, in m2/nmi2) integrated over 2 m vertical bins, from 200 to 1000 m depth. Data in each “pixel” is the average of all cleaned and valid data recorded at that depth range, in a time period starting 8 hours before the start of a station (defined as start of the CTD cast) and ending 8 hours after the start of the station, subject to being in the period between 1 hour after local sunrise and 1 hour prior to local sunset (i.e. during local daytime hours, but removing crepuscular periods). The relatively long interval over which data was accepted around each station was chosen due to frequent occurrences of periods of unusable acoustic data. Note that the provided positions correspond to the fixed Malapina station at that date, not the start and end point of the data collection.