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  • An important task undertaken this year was to define sub-regional areas of the ICES greater North Sea eco-region. The sub-regional areas correspond to meaningful eco-logical units whose boundaries are defined by strong gradients in their physical oceanography, such as changes in depth, sediment transport, salinity, oxygen and currents. The four sub-regions of the ICES greater North Sea eco-region are; i. North-ern North Sea, ii. Southern North Sea, iii. Skagerrak and Kattegat, and iv. English Channel

  • Predicted distribution of Annex 1 Reef habitat using data from SEA 6 survey data from S/V Kommander Jack Irish Sea survey 2004, Legs 2 qnd 3. Geophysical acoustic data and groundtruthing by photos and video was used for analysis.

  • Four sites on the Berwickshire and North Northumberland European Marine Site were surveyed in order to assess the condition of intertidal sand and mud flats and establish a baseline for characterisation and future monitoring of the large shallow inlets and bays feature of the site. Embleton Bay and Beadnell Bay are moderately exposed bays on the open coast whilst Budle Bay and Fenham Flats are more sheltered with finer sediment.

  • The dataset includes information about spatial distribution and abundance of fish eggs and larvae in the North Sea based on the data from the North Sea Cod and Plaice egg surveys (2004, 2009). The survey is later succeeded by the MIKey Net Survey in the North Sea

  • Read the abstract and supplemental information provided in the Vector template for more details.

  • Monitoring survey undertaken by EMU on behalf of Tarmac Marine Dredging Ltd. The primary aim of the survey was to undertake a repeat monitoring survey of the Licence Areas 435/396 and adjacent Black Bream Nest areas. Subtidal Habitat Mapping from multibeam data. Ground truthing using drop down video.

  • Cette carte des peuplements benthiques subtidaux du secteur Trégor-Goëlo est le résultat du traitement, de l'analyse et de l'agrégation des données des campagnes REBENT 10 et 11 (2006), HALIOTREGOR (2008) et IFR-NEOMYSIS (2011). Deux sources croisées d'acquisition des données ont été employées : un système acoustique embarqué (sondeur multifaisceaux) et remorqué (sonar à balayage latéral), permettant de définir des premières classes de signatures acoustiques, correspondant à des unités morpho-sédimentaires, complétées par des campagnes de prélèvements à la benne (échantillons sédimentaires biologiques) et des profils vidéo.

  • Reporting under Article 17 of the EU Habitats Directive requires member states to report on progress towards achieving favourable conservation status for habitats and species of Community Importance. The assessment of conservation status does not only relate to that component of the habitat area or species population to be found in Special Areas of Conservation, but to the totality of the habitats and species throughout the United Kingdom. The results of NRW's feature monitoring work and other evidence collected (survey) or collated (other data sources) on reef feature extent feed in to the process of mapping and reporting under Article 17. JNCC coordinate and provide UK-level feature reports under Article 17; England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland submit country-level data and information to inform these reports. This dataset only consists of the Welsh component of the Article 17 reef mapping.

  • Benthic macrofauna communities, point data and modelled full-coverage distribution Community analysis is done based on the abundanec and biomass data averaged for all sampling events in within 5 km grid cell, based on the harmonised dataset that comprises data at over 7000 locations (17000 visit events) mostly sampled in period 2000-2013

  • The dataset includes information about spatial distribution and abundance of mackerel and horse mackerel eggs based on the data from the Mackerel and Horse Mackerel eggs survey (MEGS).